Hosting Package, Yearly Subscription

72,00 EUR780,00 EUR (including taxes)

Our hosting packages, use high-performance hardware and SSD for storage. We only offer hosting services to our dedicated customers for whom we built websites or various platforms. Our servers are not shared by hundreds or thousands of users like the well known hosting companies. We would like to protect our clients and maximize their site speeds, to be the best among their online competitors. We offer email support, including in week-ends, no matter is about their own website or email.

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1GB (6€/month X 12), 2.5GB (11€/month X 12), 5GB (16€/month X 12), 10GB (21€/month X 12), 20GB (25€//month X 12), 25GB (30€/month X 12), 30GB (35€/month X 12), 35GB (39€/month X 12), 40GB (45€/month X 12), 50GB (53€/month X 12), 60GB (60€/month X 12), 80GB (65€/month X 12)