We create the logo, the website interface and graphic design for prints, such as business cards, flyers and brochures.


As WordPress Web Design Agency, we develop the whole functionality of your website using one of the most powerful CMS based on WordPress. However we can use various other web platforms.


Hosting your website and email on secure, fast and powerful servers, using Raid-10 SSD storage and 4 Core CPU processors.


Would you like to have your site ranking high in SERPs? We can either optimize it for organic search results or build a PPC marketing campaign for you, to direct the right niche traffic to your site.

We follow the web design steps:

Setup a Brief Document

We setup a direct conversation with the client to find out exactly what they need to achieve, their goals and priorities, the services or products they need to promote or sell through their website, details about client's targeted audience. We then write down a brief document together with the client. This doc includes the overall website strategy: design aspects, web development strategy & SEO strategy.
We then write down a brief document together with the client.

Wireframes & Site Structure

The next step is to build the wireframes for the website, in order to outline various placements and sizes for page block elements, site features and functionality, conversion areas like Call to Action buttons, main navigation and secondary menus. This is not the site design, but a prototype with generic elements, to prioritise content placement on the page.
website wireframe

Setting up Your Brand Guidelines

At this stage we start building a strong and consistent brand, designing your logo in vector format, in several variations, choosing the right option, tweaking the logo until client agrees upon a final solution. Now it is appropriate to decide upon the brand colours and the colour palette to be used throughout the site.
create brand

Creating the Look & Feel of the Website

Next, we design the interface for your responsive WordPress website, using your brand values, colors, logo, the right typography. This stage implies following latest graphic design trends in terms of typography, color palettes, visual highlights, using great pictures and pictograms relevant to your business. Two design layouts will be provided: one for desktop view and one for mobile view.
graphic design

Creating the Final FRD

Before building the website functionality, we create a full Functional Requirements Document (FRD), comprising all the project details, incorporating the already designed pages and the way they should link to each other and function.
functional requirements document

Website Development

We integrate the design, done in Sketch or Adobe, into a functional WordPress site or other chosen CMS agreed with the client. We build the front end and back end of the site, using HTML 5, CSS/SaSS/SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. The whole site functionality shows up at this stage. We make sure some basic SEO rules are followed, like website responsiveness, URL rewriting or having unique title tag or meta description tag for each individual page. We minify the scripts and html to decrease page size and we optimize all website images to increase page load speed.
website development

Website Testing and Debugging

We push the files and database from our development server to staging server and give access to testing users to test the website. At this stage we fill in the client's content into the website and test each individual page. There are three types of testing: 1. We test the site to see if all features from FRD work as expected 2. End-user testing, testing the software to ensure all functional metrics are met 3. Improvements on existing features or page elements if needed. We make sure there are no PHP or JavaScript errors or warnings, nor missing elements on any page.
website testing

Website Launch

We deploy all the scripts together with database from stage server to client's (production) server. We do again some testing to make sure there are no programming, display or functionality errors. We check each page again and let the client know they can start making money!
website launch

Search Engine Marketing & SEO

We can do SEM & SEO and promote client's site on Internet by optimizing website from search engine point of view, which may imply one or all of the following items: rethink some of the content, title tags, meta description, rearrange CTA button(s) or adding CTAs, using traffic scripts & tools, building a paid campaign and building newsletter campaigns. The final goal is to get more traffic to client's website using a mix of SEO and SEM.
search engine marketing

Case Study

Project Name

The first branding project undertaken for our client Ikou Inc was accomplished in 2007. During this time we have developed several websites for Ikou Inc, promoting different brands, such as Studio Bathe , Bath Nuvo, Art Bathe. So our client sold their products under three different brands. In 2020 they decided to gather all brands under one umbrella and showcase their product portfolio under a single major shopping portal, that is

Action buttons, text styling, colors and icons all make the transition from wireframe to prototype. The major scope of the site is allowing clients to easily search for their products, create an account and easily purchase the products in their own language and currency. In this respect interface design needs to provide all the tools the client finds handy to place their orders.

Working on rebranding projects is challenging yet fun, because it's an opportunity to come up with an entirely new perspective. We wanted to create more natural page flows that let the visitor digest important information. Gradients, textured backgrounds, and new icons give the site a more welcoming tone.

The new website has a stronger appeal to young audience. The implementation of Bazaar Voice enhances communication with the end user, evoking a social vibe. Various features related to user types, pricing and payment choices as well as languages supported on site, make a valuable platform.

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