Retail & Products


Ikou Inc is a North American retailer, manufacturer and distributor of premium bathroom furniture, selling their products worldwide. Their main portfolio includes vanities, faucets and accessories.

Step 1


The first branding project undertaken for our client Ikou Inc was accomplished in 2007. During this time we have developed several websites for Ikou Inc, promoting different brands, such as Studio Bathe , Bath Nuvo, Art Bathe. So our client sold their products under three different brands. In 2020 they decided to gather all brands under one umbrella and showcase their product portfolio under a single major shopping portal, that is

Step 2


  • Improve brand narrative and align it with latest brand values
  • Update website architecture and navigation to ensure a friendly user experience
  • Implement filtering features that allow all user types to shop on the platform
  • Implement a responsive solution with WP Content Management System
  • Make the overall web experience one of a kind
Step 3


Action buttons, text styling, colors and icons all make the transition from wireframe to prototype. The major scope of the site is allowing clients to easily search for their products, create an account and easily purchase the products in their own language and currency. In this respect interface design needs to provide all the tools the client finds handy to place their orders.

Home Page Design
Step 4

Concept & Style

Working on rebranding projects is challenging yet fun, because it's an opportunity to come up with an entirely new perspective. We wanted to create more natural page flows that let the visitor digest important information. Gradients, textured backgrounds, and new icons give the site a more welcoming tone.

Style Tile
Step 5

Bring It All Together

The new website has a stronger appeal to young audience. The implementation of Bazaar Voice enhances communication with the end user, evoking a social vibe. Various features related to user types, pricing and payment choices as well as languages supported on site, make a valuable platform.