Addressing the web design trends for 2019 we have to admit that this year is the closing of a rich, hi-tech decade. The world wide web has continuously changed during the last years, businesses have grown steady online and have revolved around the online audience. Therefore web design started to address serious strategic matters while proposing new, fresh and user friendly perspectives. Designers started to employ asymmetric grids while searching for natural and organic shapes. Making and breaking the grid has always been of great interest for designers and it seems that 2019 has reached peak results in this direction.

Interactivity is another feature characterising good design in 2019. Establishing a close connection with the user is a key task, achieved through design elements that mimic feedback. The so called micro interaction elements that move around as one hoovers or scrolls on the page are very subtle and neat. They mimic response to visitor’s actions.

Next in line is the clever use of type and white space. Serif fonts in large scale, enjoying a great amount of white space are another feature of 2019 exquisite designs. Since depiction has turned from text to key visuals, paragraphs have turned from block to line. Which makes the reading experience far less demanding.

Illustration and high quality graphics prevails in the web layout and has been doubled by short videos that diversify the page and make page scanning even more effective.

To wrap-up, 2019 is quite a promising year in web design.